Terrestrial Research Internship Opportunities in the Aegean Islands

Archipelagos’ terrestrial research and conservation projects focus on: * Wildlife Management: An ecological consultancy in partnership with the Samos Airport Authority conducting Golden Jackal habitat and bio-diversity surveys using camera traps and acoustic equipment. * Rare island wetland habitats. * Monitoring of Internationally important and protected bird species. * Mammals: golden jackals, otters, wild boar, beech martens, weasels, hares and small rodents (with the use of camera traps and acoustic equipment) . * Reptiles and amphibians: Mediterranean chameleons, Caspian whip snakes, Balkan terrapins, tree frogs and numerous other species. * Insects: dragonflies, butterflies, moths and beetles, as well as other brackish and freshwater species. * Plants: ancient trees, orchids, marshland flora and endemic plant species. http://archipelago.gr/en/our-work/terrestrial-conservation/
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