PhD Program in Computer Science and Engineering

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2017-04-11 | Conference Room III floor DIBRIS Valletta Puggia Via Dodecaneso 35, 16145 Genova

11th April - starting from 10:30 Image processing, machine learning, computational biology Asan Agibetov - Biomedical knowledge space: handling complexity, uncertainty and incompleteness via graph analysis techniques Matteo Barbieri - The issue of reproducibility in the analysis of biological data Margherita Squillario - Understanding neurodegenerative diseases with machine learning Sohaib Ali Syed - Biomedical Image Registration Techniques in Clinical Practice 12th April - starting from 10:30 Programming languages, software engineering, CS education Marco Oreggia - Teaching Computer Literacy to the Uninitiated: an Evaluation of Technology-Enhanced Methodologies\ Andrea Corradi - Semantic Subtyping for Object-Oriented Languages Andrea Stocco - Automatic page object generation to support E2E testing of web applications
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