Important: Compulsory attendance of two online courses with final verification:

1) In order to deliver the internship initial documentation and start it, it is mandatory to have attended the online course "Formazione Generale sulla Sicurezza e Salute nei luoghi di lavoro" ("General Training on Safety and Health in the Workplace").
It should be noted that before starting an internship, the trainee will have to send to the email address

2) Before completing the internship it is also necessary to obtain the certificate of the online course "Il GDPR in 10 pillole" ("The GDPR in 10 pills"), regarding GDPR and privacy. The course takes place completely in e-learning . To complete the course, you must have watched all the video lessons, passed the related self-assessment tests and the final verification. At the end of the course, you will receive a digital certificate which you can download in pdf format.

To access the online course, connect to the Course and authenticate using your UniGePASS credentials.

What is an internship?

The internship is a period of orientation and training, carried out in a work context, public or private, to facilitate your insertion into the workforce.

How to activate a curricular internship?

1. Existing agreement

For the activation of a curricular internship, there must be an agreement between the promoter of the internship (University of Genoa) and the host institution (public or private company).
To view the active curricular internship agreements, consult those of University

2. No convention

From 03 December 2015, companies interested in hosting students for a curricular internship must, first of all, enter into an agreement with the University of Genoa as required by Ministerial Decree 142/98 which regulates this type of traineeship.
Through a single agreement, signed at the University level, the company can host trainees from all study courses.
For further information, connect to the following link. In order to be able to accredit the company contact, you must connect to the following link.

How to complete the Training and Orientation Project?

After the Agreement has been activated, it will be necessary to proceed, via online procedure, first to fill in the internship proposal and then to that of the Training and Orientation Project and confirm them.

Note: With the new procedure, both for curricular internships that take place within the structures of the University of Genoa, and for those that are activated at external companies, it is necessary to proceed first with the internship proposal and subsequently to the online compilation of the training and orientation project.

Warning: from 4 February 2020, curricular internships can be activated through the new online procedure by accessing the UniGePASS credentials at the following link

Attention: new provisions for curricular and extra curricular internships following a health emergency COVID–19 at the following link

How to activate an extracurricular internship (for new graduate students)?

For information on activating extracurricular internships click HERE

Who to contact?

For the administrative requirements related to the activation of an internship, please contact Settore Tirocini: Piazza della Nunziata, 6 (3rd floor) - Tel. +39 010 20951846 -

More information is available on the Student portal on the traineeships page..