Customized Evolutionary Optimization for Practical Problem Solving

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2019-06-21 | Conference Room (3rd floor) DIBRIS Via Dodecaneso 35 - Genoa (Italy)

Practitioners are often reluctant in using a formal optimization method for routine applications, mainly due to the general perception of requiring a large computational time and ending up with a specialized and often "brittle" solution. Optimization methods have come a long way and are made flexible to handle various practicalities including reduction of solution time, handle large dimensions, search for robust and reliable solutions, and discover useful knowledge understanding intricacies of the problem. In this talk, we shall emphasize the importance of customized optimization algorithms in handling various practicalities. A few case studies from industries involving an extreme scale (billion-dimensional) problem and computationally expensive (consuming two days per evaluation) will be presented to demonstrate the usefulness of computational intelligence methods. Bio-sketch: Kalyanmoy Deb is Koenig Endowed Chair Professor at Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering in Michigan State University, USA. Prof. Deb's research interests are in evolutionary optimization and their application in multi-criterion optimization, modeling, and machine learning. He received a number of prestigious awards, including Infosys Prize, EC Pioneer award, TWAS Prize in Engineering Sciences, CajAstur Mamdani Prize, Edgeworth-Pareto award, Bhatnagar Prize in Engineering Sciences, and Bessel Research award from Germany. He is fellow of IEEE and ASME. He has published over 505 research papers with Google Scholar citation of over 124,000 with h-index 114. He is in the editorial board on 18 major international journals. More information about his research contribution can be found from and his COIN lab website at MSU:


Kalyanmoy Deb

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