PhD seminar: Erica Volta & Eleonora Ceccaldi - "Automated group analysis of cohesion: a cognitive science perspective"

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2019-04-04 | Dibris, Valletta Puggia, Conference Hall (322)

For decades, social psychology, along with cognitive sciences, has described social interaction, providing theories and models for understanding how humans interact in groups. In Computer Science, more precisely in the field of Social Signal Processing, automated group analysis grounds on such theories to propose tools for understanding and analysing human social behavior. In this seminar, we will illustrate our cognitive-based approach to group analysis of cohesion, “a dynamic process that is reflected in the tendency for a group to stick together and remain united in the pursuit of its instrumental objectives and/or for the satisfaction of member affective needs”. We will start with an overview of main socio-psychological theories on group behavior. After this we will focus on the must-do step before analyzing social interaction: segmenting the material. We will show how the spontaneous capability of human mind to simplify reality by chunking it into smaller units can be leveraged to segment video-recorded social interaction for further annotation. After this, we will move on to a framework exploiting non-verbal behavior for the automated analysis of group cohesion, drawn from cognitive theories on social interaction and inspired by methodologies proposed in the field of social signal processing. Erica Volta, MSc in Cognitive Science, is a third year PhD student in Computer Science at DIBRIS, doing her research at Casa Paganini – InfoMus Lab research centre. She does research in multisensory integration, sound design and user experience for multimodal education and rehabilitation technologies. For her PhD, she works on two EU ICT-H2020 projects, 'weDRAW' and 'TELMI'. She collaborates at ARIEL, the joint laboratory between Casa Paganini and paediatric Gaslini Hospital and on the French Project “GRACE”. Eleonora Ceccaldi, MSc in Psychology (Cognitive Science) is a second year Phd student Computer Science at DIBRIS, Casa Paganini – InfoMus Lab. Her research interests involve cognitive models of event perception, emotion understanding and social interaction. She collaborates with the french project GRACE. She is member of the Italian Association for Cognitive Sciences. She has been passionate about scientific explaining since she started working for Genova Science Festival in 2009.


Erica Volta & Eleonora Ceccaldi

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