Overview On Speech Processing: Fundamentals Techniques And Applications

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2019-02-19 | Conference Room (3rd floor) DIBRIS Via Dodecaneso 35 - Genoa (Italy)

Nowadays applications are more and more interactive which means that an optimal human-machine interaction is required. Then speech is an obvious and a natural way to achieve this goal. However many challenges are still to be looked after such as speech/speaker variability noise and reverberation reduction emotion recognition/synthesis...etc. Therefore speech processing applications have been taking advantage from the development of many related fields such as digital signal processing (DSP) computational linguistics and more recently machine learning. In this talk an introduction to speech processing will be presented including a) fundamental aspects such as speech signal modeling and representation b) an overview of speech signal analysis methods c) some well-known applications like speech recognition and text-to-speech synthesis and d) the current and future trends of speech processing using machine learning. Though this topic is too broad to be presented with more depth the basic notions presented here could be deepened in every direction to explore the techniques and the possibilities of speech communication. SPEAKER: Dr. Zied Mnasri Dr. Zied Mnasri obtained his PhD. in Feb. 2011 in electrical engineering. Since Sept. 2011 He has been working as assistant professor at University Tunis El Manar Tunisia teaching electronics microcontrollers and digital signal processing. Since Sept. 2018 he's been a research fellow at DIBRIS working with Prof. Francesco Masulli and Prof. Stefano Rovetta. His main research interests include speech processing using machine learning.
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