From plasmonics to neuroscience

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2018-12-03 | Sala della borsa

Directors: Paolo Bianchini & Alberto Diaspro, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Genova, Italy A limited number of students (approx. 40) will be admitted in order to have no more than 3/4 students for each instrument or set-up. On December 3rd, Lectures will be open access starting from 2,30 pm ending at 7,30 pm. All together dinner for invited speakers, students and instructors will be offered at 8 pm. Basic courses will be included for students on: Confocal, Image scanning microscopy (ISM) and STED; STORM, d-STORM; Live cell imaging; 2-photon and FLIM/FRET; Fast volumetric imaging and particle tracking; Expansion Microscopy. Starting from December 4th we will have tutorials and practical sessions.
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