"Looking at Humans in the Age of Self Driving Vehicles”

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2018-06-11 | DIBRIS, Valletta Puggia - Via Dodecaneso 35 - Sala Conferenze III piano

"Looking at Humans in the Age of Self Driving Vehicles" Prof Mohan Trivedi Laboratory for Intelligent and Safe Automobiles (LISA) University of California San Diego, USA Abstract: We are undergoing exciting and momentous changes in how we move about in this world, especially on the roadways that were built for carriages driven by animals or those we drove ourselves. We are designing intelligent systems, which would drive us to our destinations smoothly, safely and comfortably. Autonomous driving is no longer in science fiction or in specialized research laboratories, but is offered for general public to ride. In this presentation, we will take a glimpse of how we have arrived at this point in time and also what issues researchers engaged in the field are confronting which require deeper examination and careful resolution to assure safety, reliability and robustness of these highly complex systems. We will highlight issues as they relate to the understanding of human agents interacting with the automated vehicle, who are either occupants of such vehicles, or who are in the near vicinity of the vehicles. The main idea is to develop an approach to properly design, implement and evaluate methods and computational frame-works for distributed systems where intelligent robots and humans cohabit, with proper understanding of mutual goals, plans, intentions, risks and safety parameters. Bio: Mohan Trivedi is a Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and founding director of the Computer Vision and Robotics Research Laboratory, as well as the Laboratory for Intelligent and Safe Automobiles (LISA) at the University of California San Diego. LISA team is recognized as the most prolific and most cited in the intelligent vehicles and intelligent transportations systems field. Trivedi with his colleagues has won 20+ Best/Finalist Paper awards, and four of his students have won Best Dissertation awards. He has received the IEEE ITS Society's Outstanding Researcher Award and LEAD Institution-Award as well as the Meritorious Service and Pioneer Award (Technical Activities) of the IEEE Computer Society. He has given over 110 keynote/plenary talks. He is a Fellow of IEEE, SPIE, and IAPR. Trivedi has served as the Robotics Technical Committee Chair for the IEEE Computer Society, on the Governing Boards of the IEEE Systems, Man & Cybernetics and IEEE ITS Society, Editor-in-Chief of the Machine Vision Applications, Senior Editor of the IEEE Trans on Intelligent Vehicles and many other journals. He frequently participates on panels dealing with technological, strategic, privacy, and ethical issues surrounding research areas he is involved in. Trivedi serves regularly as a consultant to industry and government agencies in the USA and abroad. Locandina: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yas4i3pt5epul9g/TrivediSeminar%40Genoa-11June…
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