Seminari di Informatica: tutti i giovedì alle 14.30 presso il DIBRIS I seminari in Informatica saranno tenuti da dottorandi e docenti, nella Sala conferenze del DIBRIS.

The talks will be recorded and they will be available online at the YouTube channel Unige-DIBRIS. If you don't want to miss anything, add the seminars to your calendar following this link.

Here follows the first seminar of the series. Date: Thursday, February 28, 2018 Location: DIBRIS, Valletta Puggia, Conference Room (322)

Speakers: Vanessa D'Amario e Veronica Tozzo Time: 2:30PM

Title: Time series: how we deal with them

Abstract: The analysis of time series has achieved a central position in data analysis. Indeed, from the analysis of videos to the analysis of brain electrical recordings the ability to observe events in time changing situations is fundamental. There are several problems related with time series in the learning context, regarding, among others, (i) the choice of an optimal representation given the task at hand; (ii) the study of correlations and latent factor that may have effects on the observables; and (iii) causal effects. In this talk we want to present you the aspects and challenges that we encountered in our PhDs in dealing with time-series analysis. We will also introduce various state-of-the-art methodologies with the aim of having an interactive discussion: this is how we deal with time series, what about you? Short bio: Vanessa and Veronica are third-year computer science PhD students under the supervision of Annalisa Barla and Alessandro Verri. Their research focuses on time-series modelling of various nature, with a specific focus on biological (eg, EEG) data.

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