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Date: Thursday, 14th November 2019 

Location: Dibris, Valletta Puggia, Conference Hall (322) 

Speaker: Davide Caputo

Time: 2:30PM     

Title: Droids in Disarray: Detecting Frame Confusion in Hybrid Android Apps


Frame Confusion is a vulnerability affecting hybrid applications which
allows circumventing the isolation granted by the Same-Origin Policy. The detection
of such vulnerability is still carried out manually by application developers,
but the process is error-prone and often underestimated. In this talk, I propose
a sound and complete methodology to detect the Frame Confusion on Android
as well as a publicly-released tool (i.e., FCDroid) which implements such
methodology and allows to detect the Frame Confusion in hybrid applications,
automatically. I also discuss an empirical assessment carried out on a set of
50K applications using FCDroid, which revealed that a lot of hybrid applications
suffer from Frame Confusion. Finally, I show how to exploit Frame Confusion
on a news application to steal the user’s credentials.

Short bio:  

Davide Caputo is a first year PhD student in Computer Science. He obtained both her BSc and MSc in Computer Engineering at the University of Genoa and he is now working under the supervision of Alessio Merlo. His research topic focuses on Mobile Security, in particular on the security of Hybrid Applications.

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